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On this page, you will find samples of my work along with brief descriptions that highlight some of the key details and aspects of each project. I hope you enjoy exploring them and that they provide inspiration and insight into my creative style.


If you are interested in collaborating on a project or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to hear from you and potentially work together on your next project.

Project Scope:

  • Brochure design

This project involved designing an exquisite 18-page full-color brochure, custom-tailored for the client's momentous 90th-year celebration. The brochure was meticulously crafted to reflect the significance of this milestone event, with attention to detail and a keen sense of celebration.

To ensure that this special occasion was appropriately commemorated, we printed 500 copies of the brochure. This allowed for widespread distribution among attendees, ensuring that each guest received a tangible keepsake that captured the essence of the celebration.

Diane's "One Woman Art Show

Event Invitation - Art Theme

Project Scope:

  • Event Invitation design

  • Envelope design 

This invitation is a personalized invitation to a lifetime art show exhibit featuring Diane's incredible work. The exhibit will be celebrated with an Afternoon of Art, a themed event that promises to be a wonderful celebration of creativity and beauty.

Project Scope:

  • Event invitation design

  • Outer envelope design

Diane recently celebrated her 90th birthday with a special Moulin Rouge-themed event. To make the celebration even more memorable, she wanted personalized invitations that would capture the theme and spirit of the occasion.

I had the pleasure of designing these unique invitations and am thrilled to share them with you here. Each invitation was carefully crafted to reflect the elegance and excitement of the Moulin Rouge theme, and I am proud to have played a small role in making Diane's celebration a truly special event.

Event Invitation - Moulin Rouge Theme