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I hope you've enjoyed your experience here so far.
This webpage isn't just about showcasing my business; it's a reflection of who I am as a designer, a creative, and a person.

And please, don't think I stick to just one style—I have my favorites (of course), but I also love exploring other ones and adding my touch to it.

I believe life has an abundance of lessons and inspiration to offer, and by paying attention to the details, we can discover more than we ever expected. Enriching our experiences and expanding our consciousness.

I've been into design and bringing different perspectives into people's lives for as long as I can remember. It was only later that I learned I could put this passion to good use through my family, friends, clients, projects, and anyone that crosses my path.

I started using my aesthetics throughout my time as a student, birthday parties, special occasions, and even during my time as a finance analyst. It was then that I began to pay more attention to graphics than numbers, realizing my journey as a finance professional needed to transition into becoming a professional designer.

Personally, I have a passion for colors, graphics, symmetry, aesthetics, balance, boldness, neutrality, and organization. As a designer, I still hold these values, but my focus also is on your business's goals and needs. Together, we can work wonders.

While I typically work independently, I'm part of a designer community that can provide support if necessary. So, if there's a project I'm unable to take on at the moment, I'd be happy to recommend another professional.




Many clients do not know exactly what they want when we first start talking, and even for those who do, there are really no limits to what I can do as a creative.
I'll be working with you to create your perfect design. The first thing we do is spend some time together talking about your dreams and desires... what you like, what you don’t like, and what’s most important to you.
In this phase we also talk about your budget and how much you’d like to spend. 



Based on our Initial Consultation, where we figured out your dreams and desires,
we will now Define the project.
Here you will know how the process will work for your project. We'll also define some details, for example: the size of the paper, type of paper, if you need only the art or would like to receive it printed.
You will then receive a detailed estimate.
No one likes surprises, so I spell out exactly what I'm going to provide and how much it’s going to cost.



Once you’ve approved the price, I'll start my magic! I start the designing process.

Based on our meetings and what we have Defined, I design the first project's draft. Which will give both of us a better idea of where to go or not to go.



As its title says, here is where we Develop the idea. After the first draft is sent, we usually have a meeting to discuss the first draft.
From here our design development starts. This is a collaborative process and we work together, going back and forth with edits, until the design is exactly what you want.

No job is exactly the same because every client and every occasion is different. But every client ends up with at least what they wished for!



Once the design is approved, I will send you the files ready to be used, print or digital.
If you'd like my assistance with the printing process, it's not a problem, I'll be happy to help you with that.

I can also get you a quote with a third part print place (that I trust) and have it delivered to your address. 

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