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An amazing combination followed by diverse talents, wonderful shots and endless creativity.

Delivered by Laryssa Suaid and Tamara Kreiss



We are Laryssa and Tamara:

We are
three in one!
How amazing is that!?

Now you don't need to go after many different professionals, we are here as your choice of a complete package. We are two inde
pendent and passionate professionals who decided to combine our services to facilitate your life.

On this webpage you are going to find a little bit more about us, what we can offer to you and your business, and how diverse we are.
From the basic and elegant to the artistic and creative.



Our Gallery

Packages and Pricing


  • 30 minutes photoshoot 

  • 30 minutes female adult modeling

  • 50 edited photo gallery

  • Digital download



  • One hours photoshoot 

  • One hour female adult modeling

  • One 15 second videos

  • 100 edited photo gallery

  • Digital download



  • Two hours photoshoot 

  • Two hour female adult modeling

  • Two 15 second videos

  • 200 edited photo gallery

  • Digital download




Instagaram Posts_Tamaras photos.jpg
Instagaram Posts_Tamaras photos.jpg

Do you also need target focused, clean and creative Instagram posts?
We also offer some options to add to your package:

Insta 01

  • One story design

  • One post design


Insta 02

  • One story design

  • Three posts design


Insta 03

  • Three stories design

  • Three posts design


Send us your email so we can contact you:

Thanks for submitting!

The packages above include only female adult modeling and photography services.
Besides digital content, we also offer print design services that can be delivered to you.
If you are interested in more design services, please get in touch for more information.


About Us

Laryssa Suaid

Hello, my name is Laryssa and I am a professional photographer. I am originally from Brazil but I currently live in Oceanside, California. 

I have been in the industry since 2005 and I absolutely love it. My father and grandfather were both photographers, so you could say that photography runs in my family. 

In addition to being a photographer, I also have a degree in design. This has allowed me to work as an interior designer and graphic designer in the past, but I always had my photo studio in Brazil.

I specialize in wedding and boudoir photography and I also enjoy fashion photography and product photography. I am always striving to capture the perfect shot and I feel that my passion for photography really shines through in my work.


I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy taking the photos!

Laryssa Suaid.

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Tamara Kreiss

Hello legends, I'm a professional and passionate Graphic Designer located at San Diego, California.

Since I was a teenager I always had this natural gravitation for combining colors, shapes and to look at things with a different perspective. At that time it was shown through clothes, interior design (of my own bedroom and mom's house), PowerPoint presentations, school and college projects.

After moving to the States from Brazil, I started taking my passion for design more seriously and decided to make what I love my career. I graduated with a graphic design certificate and began building my professional portfolio.

I am a graphic designer focused on digital and print design. I can tell you more about it later. But one thing is sure I have had a lot of fun working and designing every project I have been a part. 

You can also find more about my work through my my website or at the social links below.

Tamara Kreiss. 

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Frequent Questions

How do you photograph my product?
If you live around Oceanside our team can go to you or to a place of your preference for the photoshoot. You also can mail your product to our studio, and we can plan everything before the photos and no matter where or what you are going to receive amazing photos.

If I want more photos?
You can buy extra digital photos for $2.50 each or a full gallery for $400

If I want all the raw footage video?
You can buy all the raw video footage for $500. We will send you a link so you can download the entire content in full resolution.

If I want more Instagram posts?
You can buy as many posts as you want for $50 each.

What are your terms of payment?
It is asked 30% down payment as soon as the contract is signed. And the remaining amount due upon project completion. If you prefer you can also make a onetime payment and get 10% discount.

Are there any extras to be added to the total price?
You will not be charged any extra amount upon signing the contract. If there is a need to travel more than 25 miles from Oceanside the customer will be responsible for the travel expenses.

Let's keep
in touch!

Do you have any other question?

Please let us know.
We will be more than happy to help you and your business.

Thanks for submitting!

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